Faisa Training

Faisa George

Director of Training at Michigan Elite / Boys Programming

16 years of Coaching Experience

Faisa started his coaching career working with city of Troy Parks and Recreation Department, helping with the kids volleyball weekend programs.  He volunteered as a varsity assistant at Troy High School from 2006 to 2013. Faisa started coaching at elite in 2006, as an assistant trainer to national level teams.  He assisted 18 Black for 3 years and then became the head coach to 17 Black and 18 Black the next 2 years.  He now works as Director of Training, enabling him to work with all kids in the program.  Coach Faisa is also currently the head coach for the women's volleyball program at Schoolcraft College
Training Philosophy
"A ton of focus on details, especially mechanics.  The smallest of changes can make the biggest difference in a player’s skill.  Also make sure heart and mind is on the same page.  If both are disciplined and focused on the same thing, there is no telling how far a player can get.  The work ethic has to be there.  I will put you in a situation where you need to focus and give it your all.  Have you practice hard and the right way, even when you're tired.  Training is not easy, there will always be mistakes.  The only way to get beyond them is to learn and get through them"