Tuition & Payments

Deposit & Tuition Payments

To assure the utmost in player development and a successful season for your daughter/son, many pre-season staffing, logistical and coaching commitments are made by the Academy in large part dependent upon pre-season enrollments. As such, the total amount of dues to be paid under the installment option described below are deemed earned in full as of the first installment due date, regardless of whether a player participates through the end of her/his respective season. If you are injured during the course of the season, a credit to future programs may be given. If you are removed from the club due to violation of policy or choose to quit, all fees are forfeited!

Contact Sandy Ode with any questions you may have.

Click the registration link to the right to pay your deposit and tuition for the 2023 season. ALL PLAYERS MUST REGISTER ONLINE!

Note that your tuition is NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE (see the refund policy within the registration and below). The Deposit is $500 for National, National Select, and State team levels and $300 for Regional teams. This secures your placement on the team you were offered at tryouts and pays for the uniform that is included in tuition.

From there, you can choose to pay the remaining balance of your tuition a few different ways:

  • a) all at once today
  • b) using the "1-payment plan" (remaining balance taken out September 11th)
  • c) using the "6-payment plan" (available for National Select, and State) with equal payments being charged on the 11th of September, October, November, December, January & February (note a $15 administrative fee is added to each of these 6 payments)
  • or d) using the "7-payment plan" (available for National teams only) with equal payments being charged on the 11th of September, October, November, December, January, February,  and March note a $15 administrative fee is added to each of these 8 payments)
  • REGIONAL teams do not have payment plan options. If balance isn't paid in full, the remaining tuition will be taken out on January 11th for Winter teams and April 11th for Spring teams.
  • There is NO Pay Offline Option UNLESS you bring the full tuition's check to the office; you will then be given a coupon code to complete the online registration without being charged online. ALL PLAYERS MUST REGISTER ONLINE.

You will also be prompted to sign our Player Commandments, Parent Payment Contract, fill out required membership for play (AAU, USAV, JVA), and have a chance to select your sizes for your uniforms that are included in tuition.

Although you cannot alter the amount of subsequent payments after submitting your original payment plan, you can edit the credit card or method of payment:

  • Login to your account and go to "Registrations" in the upper left corner under your Login Name
  • Click on the "Order" adjacent to your "2023 Deposits & Tuition Registration"
  • Click "Make Payment" 
  • Edit the credit card entered 
  • *NOTE: The moment you edit the method, payment will be processed right then. It is recommended if you need to alter the method of payment, to do so shortly before the 11th of the next month's payment so it is still evenly spaced (unless you do not care when payment comes out). 

A player/family must pay a deposit ($300 for a regional team, $500 for all other teams) to reserve a roster spot on a team at Michigan Elite. Once a player/family has paid their deposit and reserved their roster spot on a team, the player/family has agreed to and is responsible to pay their full season tuition. The deposit and all additional tuition payments are NON-REFUNDABLE.

If any payments are late or in default, the player will not be allowed to attend any practices or tournaments until payments are up to date.  The player/family will be held liable for any costs associated with the collection of unpaid fees.

If a player is unable to participate during the season due to injury, illness, violation of Michigan Elite policies or relocation, the player/family is still responsible to pay their full season tuition.  The deposit and additional tuition are NON-REFUNDABLE. 

If a player decides to end her participation with Michigan Elite at any point in the season, the player/family is still responsible to pay their full season tuition. The deposit and additional tuition are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Any decision to offer a credit towards Michigan Elite training opportunities to players who suffer a season ending injury or medical condition is at the sole discretion of Michigan Elite.

Due to the commitment of resources by Michigan Elite for the operation of our various camps/programs the policy on refunds for camps is as follows.

  1. Should it become necessary that Michigan Elite cancel any program/camp in its entirety, a full refund or credit of fees paid for use for similar Michigan Elite programs will be issued at the discretion of the Customer.
  2. Should a customer provide notice of cancellation of attendance 24 hours prior to the start camp a full refund of fees paid (or credit for the same event) will be issued.​
  3. Should a customer want to quit a continuing camp series after attending any of the sessions, you will forfeit the remaining balance.

Any payments by check stopped, returned NSF, or with disputed credit card charges (for reasons other than billing errors of a clerical nature) resulting in non-payment, are subject to a $35 processing fee, immediately due upon notice in addition to payment of all then outstanding installments.

Should, at the discretion of Michigan Elite, a refund be issued to any customer, an administrative fee of $25 will be kept for any transaction under $200; an administrative fee of $50 will be kept for any transaction over $200. 

If you need to update your jersey size after it has been submitted, please email the Alexsys Pullen at

Contact Sandy Ode with any questions you may have.